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Speech-Language Therapy at Indian Lake Elementary

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back to school!  I hope you all had a terrific summer!  Speech-language therapy will begin the week of August 15-19.  I am excited to hearing about what all of the students did over the summer!  I will be sending home a letter that will contain each student’s speech schedule.  If you have any questions about the schedule or about the speech-language services, just let me know.  You are welcome to call me at school (615-824-6810) or email me at kendra.coleman@sumnerschools.org.  I am happy to have Beth Brown, assistant to the speech-language program,  back this year to help with speech-language services.   We are looking forward to a super year!!!  Thanks so much for all of your support!!  Kendra Coleman, MS CCC-SLP  :


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Happy Summer!

We have had a great year in speech-language therapy this year!!  I sent home summer packets with the students with quick ideas for practice over the summer.  If you have any questions over the summer, please feel free to shoot me an email.  I will be checking my work email a couple of times each week.  I wish all of you a super summer!  Have fun!!!

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Speech-Language Development

Hello!  I hope you and your families are getting geared up for a wonderful Thanksgiving next week.  We are having a great time in speech-language therapy, and the children are making such nice progress!  I am thankful for all of the students that I work with!

Here  is website I would like to share with you.  It has great information on speech-language development and speech-language strategies.



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Wow!  The students in speech-language therapy are making such nice progress and are working hard!  You should have all received your child’s first progress report, and by the end of the day today, all students that receive direct speech-language therapy services should have taken at least one practice activity home.  Thanks so much for helping with homework!   If you ever feel like you want additional ideas for home activities, just let me know.

The students that are receiving inclusion services in the classroom are working hard!  Mrs. Brown does most of the inclusion services and is enjoying working with the children.  She and their teachers are keeping me updated on their progress.

I came across some ideas for speech-language activities to do in the car (from the North Shore Pediatric Website) and wanted to share them with you.  What a great way to catch some extra time to work on speech-language skills on the go!

5 Speech and Language Activities For The Car: 

  1. 20 questions: Have your child choose a person, place, or thing in their mind. As their partner, ask questions involving salient features to identify what they are thinking of: what does it look like (shape, color, size), where can I find it, what is it used for, what category does it belong to? The idea is to figure out the mystery in 20 questions or less. This is a great activity to boost vocabulary and encourage your child to identify the salient features of common nouns.
  2. Categories: Think of a category and have your child find 3 items that belong to that category. For example, types of fast food restaurants, something red, or something circular are all easy to find outside. Switch roles and have your child think of the category. This game promotes organization skills by encouraging your child to group vocabulary together.
  3. The Alphabet Game: Starting with “a” and keeping in sequential order, look for items outside that begin with the letters of the alphabet. This can be played as or team or against one another. The first one to get all the way to “z” is the winner! The alphabet game is an easy word retrieval game with the context right in front of your child.
  4. Talk Time: Talk about your day! If it is after school, have your child tell your 3 activities they did throughout the day. Have him/her provide specific information. For example, if he/she shares “I went to recess,” ask them what they did or who they played with. Encourage your child to share these activities in the order that they occurred. If talking before school, encourage your child to share 3 activities that he/she knows will occur throughout the day.
  5. Speech sound practice: Have your child look out the window and find items that contain a speech sound they may target in therapy. For example, if targeting the /s/ sound, your child may see signs, stoplight, stores, or a school bus. Have your child repeat the target word 3 times and then place it in a sentence.
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Welcome Back to Speech-Language Therapy!!

Dear Parents:

Welcome back!  I hope you and your families had a fabulous summer and that your children have had a smooth transition back to school!  This week was the first full week of direct speech-language therapy services.  It has been great catching back up with the children and hearing all about the fun they had this summer.

I am thrilled to be beginning my 21st year at Indian Lake.  Time flies!!  The speech-language therapy and inclusion schedule has been set; however, changes are still being made as needed.  Most students took home a letter either Thursday or Friday of this week to inform you of their therapy times and/or inclusion times.  There are a few students that will be bringing their letters home next week.

I will be at Indian Lake Elementary everyday this year with the exception of some Tuesday activities that I will need to participate in at other schools.  Beth Brown, assistant to the speech/language program, will be with us all week this year.  She helps carry out therapy and inclusion services for students.

I will be meeting with each of you at some point in the year to review your child’s progress and to develop an updated plan (IEP).  Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

I am looking forward to a great year with your child!!!

Kendra Coleman, Speech-Language Pathologist



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