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Speech-Language Therapy at Indian Lake Elementary

Welcome Back to School!!

8/11/2017:  It is wonderful to be back at Indian Lake Elementary this year to serve your students in speech-language therapy!  I hope you had a wonderful summer!   I am thrilled to be at Indian Lake every day this year, along with our wonderful speech-language assistant, Beth Brown.

Speech-language services will begin the week of August 14-18.  I will be sending home your child’s speech-language schedule soon. We will begin the year by reviewing rules, procedures, and speech-language goals.  We will also be completing some “getting to know you” activities.

I will be meeting with each child’s parents at some point throughout the year; however, anytime you would like to meet, you can always request that.  You can reach me by email, kendra.coleman@sumnerschools.org , or by phone, 615-824-6810.  Our therapy room has moved to the 4th grade pod.

Thanks for allowing me to serve the great students of Indian Lake!  I am blessed to do so!

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